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Rio Olympics 2016: Sally Pearson runs disgusting first race back from injury, but still happy

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Sally Pearson considered quitting
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Sally Pearson called it a disgusting result. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she ran slower than 13 seconds, but all things in context, the Olympic hurdles champion was also excited after her first race in a year.

Pearson ran 13.25s in the Diamond League meet in Birmingham, her first run against serious competition since shattering her wrist, ripping her calf and tearing at her Achilles.

Ordinarily, that time and her seventh-placed finish – behind many women she ordinarily would beat and one new comer, Kendra Harrison, who has outstripped the rest of the would with the second fastest time on record and won this race in Birmingham – would be cause for alarm.

Extraordinarily, given the circumstances, it is not. Indeed, Pearson believes she can yet win a medal in Rio in August..

“I’m actually really excited which I wouldn’t normally be because all I’d be looking at would be the result, and the result is disgusting,” she said.

“But you can’t control that. I could only control what I could do on the day. Today, that’s what I had. It’s nice to be back.”

The former world champion and reigning Olympic gold medallist pointed to her history of overcoming injury and adversity in previous years to still claim podium finishes as cause for her optimism

“I think so. I’ve done it before. In 2013 I came out with a silver while getting my arse kicked in every single race. 2014 was the same – getting my arse kicked every single race (before winning gold),” she said after the Birmingham race.

“Unfortunately I’ve had to keep chasing my tail a lot and try to catch up (this year). (But) I know I’ve done it in the past and I think it’s very realistic that I can keep doing it this year.”

Earlier, rising women’s 400m star Morgan Mitchell ran a personal best to take third in her Diamond League debut, while Fabrice Lapierre also placed third in the men’s long jump and Kathryn Mitchell finished second in the women’s javelin.

In the women’s 5000m, Genevieve LaCaze ran a personal best 15m 27.13s to finish sixth, just behind countrywoman Eloise Wellings who ran 15min26.19s.

Fisherman speaks about talking to Rye Hunt

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Rio de Janeiro: A Brazilian fisherman is adamant he saw missing Australian backpacker Rye Hunt alive on an island in Rio de Janeiro’s harbour the day after his disappearance.
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The 25-year-old Tasmanian has been missing since May 21, after a fight with travel companion Mitchell Sheppard at the city’s international airport.

On May 30, the fisherman contacted police after recognising Mr Hunt’s photo in local media, to report seeing him eight days earlier.

The man told Rio’s O Globo newspaper that he and his girlfriend were fishing from a boat near Ilha Cotunduba, an uninhabited island about three kilometres from Copacabana Beach, when they spotted the man on the island.

Rye Hunt with his girlfriend, Bonnie Cuthbert. Photo: Facebook

“I have no doubt it was the missing tourist,” the fisherman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

“The guy was looking fixedly at my boat. He had various cuts to his body.

“Me and my girlfriend were scared, it was a strong man and he didn’t stop staring at us. He came down close to the water and did gestures asking for [drinking] water … I took a 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water and threw it. He drank it all in just one go.”

The fisherman said he spoke briefly with the man in English, and the man told him he was Australian and had swum to the island.

“I thought it was strange, Cotunduba is difficult to access, the waves come in strongly onto the rocks of the island.”

Rye Hunt is missing in Brazil. Photo: Facebook

The fisherman said the man didn’t ask him for help to leave the island.

“When we stopped speaking, he returned to sitting, looking lost.”

Searches of the island on May 30 and 31 found no sign of Mr Hunt.

Police have since expanded their search to a larger area of water in the harbour, after a fishing boat on Wednesday reported sighting a body near another island, Ilha Rasa, some eight kilometres offshore.

Searchers had so far been unable to locate the body.

Police believe Mr Hunt and Mr Sheppard took the party drug MDMA during a night out in Rio de Janeiro’s Lapa party district on May 20.

A bar owner said the pair appeared “terrified” and were convinced other clubgoers were “trying to kill them”.

They went to the airport the following day to book tickets to Bolivia, but Mr Hunt left after an argument.

He took a taxi to Copacabana and rented an apartment for three days. He left shortly after 6pm and had not been heard from since.

Kim Hollingsworth banned from owning horses, ordered to pay $600,000 in court case

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Skin and bones: The poor condition of one of the horses seized by the RSPCA. The magistrate described the images as “powerful and compelling” evidence. Former prostitute and NSW Police traineeKim Hollingsworthhas been banned from owning horses fortwo years and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in costsafter a Wollongong magistrate found her guilty of animal neglect.
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In the spotlight: Kim Hollingsworth pictured in 2006 during her unfair dismissal court case against the NSW Police. Picture: Peter Rae.

Hollingsworth, whosestory from KingsCross stripper to police traineewas portrayed in the Channel Nine seriesUnderbelly: The Golden Mile, was this week convicted of three charges relating to 27 malnourished and diseased horse seized by the RSPCA in 2014 from rented properties at Oakdale, Cobbitty and Wilton.

Veterinarians who inspected the horsesfound each of the animals wasseverely underweight due to a lack of sufficient food for at least two months.

They also discovered a litany of other medical issues including internal worms, excessively long hooves, (making it difficult to walk) and variousskin conditions.

Kim Hollingsworth banned from owning horses Horse 1 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 1 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 1 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 1 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 2 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 3 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 2 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 3 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 3 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 4 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 5 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 5 when it was seized by the RSPCA.

Horse 5 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

Horse 5 after being nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

TweetFacebook WARNING: readers may find some images distressingHollingsworth contested theallegations in a lengthy court hearing, arguing she had entrusted the feeding of the horses to others who had apparently not carried out her instructionsas directed.

However Magistrate Mark Douglass found Hollingsowrthguilty, saying she had ultimately been responsible for the animals.

Shepreviously told the court the horses had been her“saviour” after suffering from post traumatic stress following her ordeal with the police force.

In sentencing proceedings conducted in Wollongong Local Court this week, Magistrate Douglasssaid the case against Hollingsworthhad been“overwhelming” and described aseries of photographs depicting the poor state of the horses as“powerful and compelling”.

“The court was disturbed by the level of suffering these horses were exposed to by the …lack of treatment and lack of care,” he said.

“[The evidence shows] there was just simply not enough feed and the horses were not fed every day.

“The causal link between poor maintenance,poor diet,poor feed and subsequent infestation wasthe responsibility of Ms Hollingsworth.

“There’s no basis for concluding that the condition Ms Hollingsworth’s horses found themselves in had anything to do with other than her lack of sufficient care in relation to providing vet treatment and feed.”

Magistrate Douglass foundHollingsworth’s negligencewas so serioushe banned her fromowning any horses fortwo years, and ordered that those still in her possession be sold or given awayimmediately.

He also ordered Hollingsworth pay the RSPCA $122,931 in legal fees and $484,148 to cover the cost ofveterinary care, feed and boarding for the seized horses.

– Illawarra Mercury

Sydney weather: severe warning issued as east coast low forecast

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Sydney is on track to encounter an east coast low that is predicted to head south from northern NSW over the weekend. Photo: Nick Moir The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe warning, forecasting damaging winds, heavy rainfall and dangerous surf. Photo: BOM
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Cars stuck in flood water in Audley Weir Royal National Park. Photo: TNV

Motorists driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a deluge of rain. Photo: Christopher Getts

Sydney Rains and wet weather SMH News: June 4 2016: After months of little rain, storm water drains finally flush their polluted contents onto beaches and creeks across Sydney including Maroubra, as rain squalls and inclement weather lash the East Coast this weekend with more rain and large seas expected for the next few days: Photo by James Alcock. Photo: James Alcock

Sydney is “on track” to encounter an east coast low that is expected to move south from northern NSW after thunderstorms and a drenching overnight, with extreme weather conditions set to take hold later in the day.

The city’s CBD received 50mm of rain on Friday night, with at least that amount again expected to fall over the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology on Saturday morning issued a severe weather warning, forecasting the development of an east coast low as a low pressure system moves south from Queensland late on Saturday, bringing with it damaging winds, heavy rainfall and dangerous surf.

Abnormally high tides will contribute to very heavy surf on the NSW coast, with beaches along the state’s coastline expected to close over the weekend.

Tristan Meyers, meteorologist at Fairfax Media’s Weatherzone, said the coastal region will bear the brunt of the weather system when it reaches Sydney on Sunday and that the city was “on track” to receive the extreme weather predicted by the BOM.

The eastern, coastal parts of the city will be deluged by up to 300mm of rain – more than twice the monthly average in some northern parts of the state – and winds are expected average at 60km/h and peak at 90km/h on the coast, he said.

The average monthly rainfall for Sydney in June is 132mm.

“There is more to come, the rain is going to intensify with less showers and more steady rain really picking up this afternoon and overnight,” he said.

“We urge people to make sure to secure any lose items outside, make sure cars are parked in garages and not under trees and to keep up to date with the latest warnings.

“Beaches will be the worst places to be.”

Willy Weather predicts wave heights of over 5m at Bondi Beach, where swell is expected to peak at about 1am on Sunday.

The Transport Management Centre reports that while roads are extremely wet and there are areas where water is affecting traffic, no major roads or highways are closed in Sydney. Weatherzone: NSW storm tracker


Shares Race week 2: agriculture hot, healthcare not

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All racers are in the black despite a rough week for the ASX.The sharemarket rally appears to be running out of steam with the arrival of June, a seasonally weak month. The end of a seven-week long rally now means the Shares Racers’ stock picking skills will be put to the test.
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But a difficult week for the broader market has belied some impressive stock movements. The dartboard has rocketed to first place this week thanks to the astonishing performance of Audio Pixel. Its share price surged from $14 to $21 in just a week after an evidently successful annual meeting, turning the dartboard’s $10,000 outlay into $15,357.

While Audio Pixels is the best performing stock, not far behind is Select Harvests, which helped second runner and Money reader John Wyatt take the lead in week one. The almond farmer is continuing its recent strong run, and is worth $14,305. These two stocks have put a comfortable buffer between Dartboard and Wyatt and the rest of the pack.

Happily, despite the All Ordinaries falling 1.8 per cent over the period, all of the tipsters remain in the black. Last week’s third-placed Money reader Susan Miles has slipped from second into last place, with some weakness in her bigger cap picks including Bank of Queensland, Coca-Cola Amatil and Westpac.

Healthcare names, usually robust “defensive” stocks have been the laggers this race. At or near the bottom of the stock ladder sit Japara, which has shrunk to $8408 (held by both Australian Financial Review columnist Phil Baker and Kalkine head of research Hina Chowdhary), Avita Medical, Sirtex Medical and Bionomics.

Agricultural stocks are the standouts. Along with Select Harvests, top performers this race include Australian Agricultural Company, Rural Funds and Elders.

Last month’s winner Chowdhary sits in seventh place, however her pick Genworth undertook a $202 million capital reduction and consolidation of its shares, which traded on a deferred settlement basis on another ticker between May 23 and June 1. The Shares Race calculated Genworth’s performance up until May 23, the last day of trade on the ticker GMA and resumed on June 2.

The Shares Race is a fantasy shares game. Contestants start with $100,000 divided evenly between 10 stocks of their choice. Email [email protected]上海龙凤419m.au if you would like to participate.